American  B. 1982


B. 1982, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; currently resides in Stoddard, Wisconsin


Working primarily in graphite, watercolor and gouache, Katie Musolff approaches her subject-matter quickly and confidently. “I concentrate on painting what I find around me — as long as I can form a relationship through which I can learn and inspire others.”  Musolff’s eye for the natural world is full of wonder, tenderness and intensity. Her work is painted from direct observation, with no photographic references, in her words: “It’s about being outside and witnessing it first hand.”


Educated at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Musolff received her BFA in Painting. Shortly after completing her studies she became involved in several projects centralizing on the figure including a year long artist residency at the Pfister Hotel. It wasn't until she moved to Vernon County, WI  that she began to engage in still life painting, creating documentations of organic life fallen along the Mississippi in her poetic series of paintings called “River Journal”.